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Recent Episodes

Episode 183 - Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne Cigars

Oct. 17, 2022

It's been a super long time since I've put out a podcast. I've been working on building my own brand. But I bumped into Lee at an event in Cigar Sessions in Middletown, Delaware. That 15 minute conversation led to me dust…

Episode 182 - HolyVerse NFT Team

April 23, 2022

I learned a lot from Sam and Sonny about NFT's and the HolyVerse project.

Episode 181 - Crypto Coral Tribe

Feb. 18, 2022

I had an awesome chat with the Crypto Coral Tribe about their NFT project. Visit them at or follow them on twitter @coraltribenft

Episode 180 - Johnathan Chester - Bitwage

Jan. 4, 2022

Started in Crypto in 2013 while working at Oracle. While listening to a TedTalk, he had an epiphany. He and his partner saw that there needed to be a payroll processor that provided Bitcoin payroll services. Quit his job in …

Episode 179 - Dr. Jack Kruse

Dec. 11, 2021

Had a great discussion with Jack Kruse. This episode was sponsored by Cigar Recon Cigars. You can use crypto to buy your cigars today at

Episode 178 - Nadav Zeimer

Nov. 21, 2021

Also known as "Principle Z", Nadav was formally a Software engineer. Introduced Podcasting to his school as a way to engage student learners. The blockchain advocate moved from SW engineering because he wanted to really ma…