Who am I?

I started cigar smoking and investing in cryptocurrency at around the same time in 2014. Since then, I have traveled the world and enjoyed some fantastic cigars. I used to tell my friends in the cigar lounge about Bitcoin. As I spoke more about it, I realized that I was repeating the same information to multiple people. After repeating the same information over and over again, I decided to start recording my chats for them to listen to. That's how the Cigars and Crypto Podcast was born.


I have had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people in this space. So many people are willing to share information and knowledge about what it is to be a holder of cryptocurrency. Some of those people are even willing to speak with me on my show. I am happy that they join me weekly. 


My podcast focuses on new projects and startups in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The goal is to expose traditional investors to the new companies and provide education to anyone who seeks it. While I am willing to talk to anyone from any project, know that I am a Bitcoiner at heart! We discuss the technology and the monetary aspects of this earth-shattering movement. Thanks for listening to and patronizing the Cigars and Crypto Podcast.