April 9, 2021

Episode 155 - Danielle Carpenter @SoulfullyDani

Episode 155 - Danielle Carpenter @SoulfullyDani

SOTL - Danielle @soulfullydani on Instagram

From Chicago - Rojos Cigar Lounge in Chicago Heights, IL

Smoking for 6 years

Her favorite cigar is The Davidoff Late Hour 

We talked about the uniqueness of the journey for each person to reach the cigar lifestyle

How to bring women into the cigar lifestyle and make them comfortable.

Upcoming Event - The Sexy Tea Lounge only in London    

May 22, 2021 

Casa De Puros 

7410 Madison Street

Forrest Park, IL

$45 Includes 4 cigars with food and drinks.  

Organization: Relax - The Relax Cigar Network for Women

Started January 28, 2020.  Grew to 350 ladies.

Business branding and networking group.

IG: @soulfullydani

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