May 26, 2021

Episode 161 - Lamar Wilson aka @bigmarh

Episode 161 - Lamar Wilson aka @bigmarh

I had a fantastic discussion with a brilliant brother.  In Episode 161 of Cigars and Crypto we learned about Lamar and his time in the Cryptocurrency space.  We discussed:

  • How used started out in this space as a developer and was introduced to ₿TC in 2013.
  • Felt an overwhelming need to become a builder in this space and actively build apps like one of the first iOS Bitcoin wallets.
  • Black Bitcoin Billionaires group on Clubhouse and its inception.
  • The Sunjoined Co-Op which is working to build verticals from seed to distribution in the hemp industry.

Special shout out to @bitcoinzay

You can learn more about Sunjoined at or follow Lamar on social media at @bigmarh

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