June 9, 2021

Episode 165 - @IAmCigarAnarchy

Episode 165 - @IAmCigarAnarchy

I had an excellent discussion with Anarchy in this episode.  We discussed:

Got into Cigars at a company retreat and have been in love with cigars ever since. | 

Her time in Washington, DC | 

What it is about cigar smoking that really appeals to her. | 

Matches and her affinity with them, especially with Cuban cigars. | 

The cigar smoking rituals I observed while visiting Cuba | 

Our mutual love of Boutique cigars | 

Definitely loves full bodied cigars | 

Pairings are dependent upon her mood. When smoking full-body, she likes a rich red wine and sometimes bourbon. | 

Cincoro Repesado and the perfect cigar for her.

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