July 14, 2021

Episode 169 - Meka Couch of @dapp_ar

Episode 169 - Meka Couch of @dapp_ar

Worked in infrastructure; unified communications.

Decided to start a business and the pandemic hit. So she and her team decided it was time to start investing and trading in crypto.

They are working to solve the problem of different types of sensors and the inability to work with them all

Working on a framework for using Augmented Reality to interact with iOT devices and store that data on distributed ledgers.

You’ll be able to launch a response from the AR interface to work remotely.

They’ve finished the 1.0 version of the project and they are pushing forward to V2.

The project will be blockchain agnostic; you can use this framework on any blockchain that the user chooses. Functions as an interoperable layer 2 solution.

They are currently seeking more developers to build on top of it.

They are also considering launching a token to reward developers for building on top of the application.

Website: www.dappar.io

Project Twitter @dapp_ar

LinkedIn: Wolfberry LLC

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