Sept. 1, 2021

Episode 173 - Hannah Rosenberg

Episode 173 - Hannah Rosenberg

I had an amazing lesson and discussion Hannah Rosenberg of Velis Commerce on the Lightning Network.  In this episode we discussed:

Studied Econ at UIC Chicago - Monetary Theory | 

2011 got into the space after listening to a podcast | 

Pitfalls and dangers of the crypto journey | 

All roads lead to ₿TC | 

A very high-level overview of the Lightning network | 

It’s a 2nd layer solution that doesn’t rely on publishing every transaction to the base-layer network (Local Knowledge) | 

All lightning nodes need to be connected to a Bitcoin node. (Full or pruned) | 

Ease of use of the BTCPayserver | 

Phoenix and Moon as easy to use phone wallets | 

Detailed discussion on Liquidity and its use on the Lightning network | 

The future of Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and blockchain tech. 

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